Car manufacturing in Brazil grew 12 percent last year

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Photo: Joa Souza/Shutterstock

Despite the global chip shortage, the Brazilian automotive industry produced a total of 2.25 million vehicles in 2021, 11.6-percent more than the previous year, according to data from the national association of car manufacturers.

The number of vehicles assembled grew to 210,900, up 2.5 percent from December and 0.8 percent from December 2020. Trucks led the way toward growth, as they are less affected by the global shortage of semiconductors — which are crucial to calibrate cars’ fuel injection systems, run on-board computers, and make cruise control possible. In December, 12,395 trucks were produced, up 18.2 percent from one year prior. 

Production of cars and light commercial vehicles, on the other hand, dropped by 0.4 percent in December.