Bolsonaro tweets about release from hospital

Bolsonaro tweets about release from hospital
“Released now,” Jair Bolsonaro said on social media. Photo: Jair Bolsonaro’s Telegram channel

President Jair Bolsonaro tweeted that doctors released him from the hospital this morning, after treating an intestinal obstruction since the early hours of Monday. Similar obstructions have been a recurring issue the president has dealt with since being stabbed in the abdomen during a 2018 campaign rally.

Since the attack, Mr. Bolsonaro has undergone four surgeries directly linked with remedying lingering effects of the stabbing.

Mr. Bolsonaro’s recent medical reports did not mention any release date, and allies told the local press they expected him to remain in the hospital until tomorrow at the earliest.

Since 2018, the attack against Mr. Bolsonaro has sparked conspiracy theories among his supporters (some of whom claim a massive conspiracy was behind the assassination attempt) as well as among far-left militants (some of whom insist the attack was staged). 

In November, an appellate court authorized the Federal Police to scrutinize financial and cell phone data of a lawyer representing the man who stabbed Jair Bolsonaro in 2018. The Brazilian Bar Association claims the move violates attorney-client privilege, but the president’s lawyers say it will allow investigators to find out whether the attacker (who has since been committed to a mental institution) really acted alone.