Senate approves legal framework for renewable energy

Senate legal framework renewable energy
Photo: Andre Nery/Shutterstock

The Brazilian Senate approved a bill instating a legal framework on individual generation of renewable energy. The new rules will encompass micro- and mini-generation of solar, wind, hydroelectric, and biomass energy.

As things stand, units that consume micro- or mini-generated energy are benefitted by a 2012 resolution from the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), granting subsidies that allow them to remain exempt from distributed electricity tariffs. At the time, the measure was taken to boost the generation of renewable energy, but said benefits would be removed by the new legal framework for new applicants.

Those already receiving the benefit will continue to do so until 2045, a right extended to those that apply within a year after the legal framework is ratified.

The proposal was amended by the Senate, meaning it requires final analysis from the lower house before it can be fully approved.