Brazil expects 1,500 refugee requests from Afghan nationals

Brazil expects 1,500 refugee requests from Afghan nationals
Afghan women protest outside of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Photo: PradeepGaurs/Shutterstock

Brazil’s Foreign Affairs Minister Carlos França informed the House that the country granted 241 “humanitarian visas” to Afghan nationals seeking asylum from the Taliban’s government. Mr. França collected the figures from the Foreign Affairs Ministry database on November 19 and sent them to Congress on Monday.

“There are about 1,500 other possible requests for humanitarian visas known to the ministry, among which groups of Christians, young people, and women. Of these, 283 have already been formally submitted and are under analysis,” said Mr. França, answering a request for information from opposition congressman Rubens Bueno.

A month ago, the Foreign Affairs Ministry came under severe criticism due to requirements imposed on Afghan humanitarian visa applicants. The Public Defender’s Office questioned the ministry about demands that it deems illegal, such as requiring Covid-19 tests and proof that the refugee will have lodging, food, transport, and even health and dental insurance in Brazil.