Eight Latin American countries to benefit from Pfizer deal on Covid-19 medicines

pfizer drug deal
Photo: Molly Woodward/Shutterstock

With a view to expanding access to Covid-19 drugs around the world, American pharmaceutical firm Pfizer announced it will allow generic manufacturers to supply its experimental Covid-19 antiviral pill PF-07321332 in 95 developing countries, including eight in Latin America. 

Following the deal, Belize, Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Venezuela will have access to the medication, which can reduce the risk of death by Covid-19 in patients with pre-existing conditions by up to 90 percent, when combined with low doses of ritonavir, an HIV drug that is already available as a generic medication.

The Pfizer deal comes at a time when cases are rebounding in countries such as Bolivia, which has only managed to fully vaccinate 33 percent of its adult population so far, according to Our World in Data.