Brazilian regulators greenlight plant-based cannabidiol medicines

anvisa cannabidiol medicines
Photo: Tinnakorn Jorruang/Shutterstock

Brazilian health regulator Anvisa authorized the import of two new cannabidiol extracts used for medical purposes, bringing the total to seven cannabinoid-based products available on the domestic market

However, unlike the previous medicines which are produced with isolated cannabidiol, the new products are plant-based extracts that use aerial parts of Cannabis sativa. As Anvisa explained, these are more complex products, which can contain several active substances that may have different effects on the human body. Promediol and Zion Medpharma (200mg/ml) are produced in Switzerland and will be sold in drugstores in Brazil on prescription. They will be sold as drop solutions and must contain up to 50mg/ml of CDB and 0.2 percent of THC. 

According to pharma group Promed, CBD is often used to treat illnesses such as autism, epilepsy, dementia, and chronic pain.