Payment platforms cut off pro-Bolsonaro blogger on Interpol’s red list

payment gateways pro-bolsonaro blogger
Photo: Koshiro K/Shutterstock

Last week, The Brazilian Report revealed that pro-Bolsonaro blogger Allan dos Santos, who is considered a fugitive in Brazil and features on Interpol’s red list, was using payment gateways Stripe and PayPal to get donations from supporters. After the articles were published, both companies ended his accounts on their systems.

These moves mirror a decision by PayPal last year to block pro-Bolsonaro polemicist Olavo de Carvalho for promoting hate speech and misinformation.

In the case of Allan dos Santos, donors could get into trouble for sending money to the far-right blogger. Criminal lawyer Débora Nachmanowicz tells The Brazilian Report that individuals donating to Mr. Santos’s cause may be held criminally responsible if prosecutors can prove intent and confirm the crime’s consummation — i.e. if Mr. Santos uses the funds to continue evading justice. “Any act that helps someone avoid complying with an order from an authority is a crime,” she says.

Mr. Santos faces accusations of operating an illegal and highly lucrative misinformation ring. Authorities suspect he even got money from public institutions. The Supreme Court ordered his arrest two weeks ago.