CCR wins auction for Brazil’s most important highway

Presidente Dutra Highway
Presidente Dutra Highway. Photo: Erich Sacco/Shutterstock

Infrastructure group CCR won the auction for the Dutra highway connecting São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s two most-populated urban areas. CCR already manages the road and will now have a renewed concession for another 30 years. 

CCR beat its only competitor, Ecorodovias, by offering a 15.31-percent discount on toll fees with a premium of BRL 1.77 billion (USD 310 million). The auction also included a stretch of the BR-101 highway, connecting Rio de Janeiro to the coastal city of Ubatuba in São Paulo. 

The Infrastructure Ministryargues the road auction was the biggest in Brazil’s history, with the winner expected to invest BRL 14.8 billion over the next 30 years.