Justice Ministry wants magazine investigated for “Bolsonaro Hitler” cover

Justice Ministry investigation Hitler cover
IstoÉ’s “Bolsonaro Hitler” cover

Brazil’s Justice Minister Anderson Torres has asked for a criminal investigation into weekly magazine IstoÉ for publishing a cover comparing President Jair Bolsonaro to Adolf Hitler. The cover story calls Mr. Bolsonaro a “merchant of death” for his pandemic denialism, and the “architect of tragedy,” comparing the Senate’s Covid inquiry to the Nuremberg trials

The inquiry presented its final report on Wednesday, attributing nine crimes to the president — including charlatanism and crimes against humanity. The president’s three politician sons could also face charges for “inciting crimes” related to sanitary rules.

Earlier this week, the Solicitor General Office made an out-of-court request to IstoÉ, calling upon the magazine to run a new cover. Its suggested replacement, however, looks more like a Bolsonaro campaign flyer. The agency promised to take legal action if its suggestions were ignored.