September was month with fewer Covid deaths since October 2020

Covid deaths down
Protesters blame Jair Bolsonaro for the country’s death toll. Photo: Thales Antonio/Shutterstock

September was one of the least lethal months of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil. Last month, fewer than 600 people died per day from the disease — the first time this has happened since October 2020. The day with the most fatalities was September 1, with 446 deaths, and the day with the fewest was September 29 — with 266.

The numbers correspond to deaths by their actual date, that is, those that actually occurred on a given day. These figures are released once a week by the Health Ministry. On the other hand, daily cases and death figures constitute notifications that health authorities received in the last 24 hours.

As the final number of deaths in September will take some time to be confirmed, it is possible that the total number of deaths for the month will increase gradually over the coming weeks. However, the number is unlikely to exceed the 600 per day mark.

What is certain is that Brazil’s pandemic peak occurred in March of this year, with 80,749 deaths identified. In the following months, numbers began to fall and should continue on this downward trend thanks to improved vaccination rates.