São Paulo narrows Pfizer jab interval to just 21 days

Pfizer jab interval 21 days
Photo: Geovana Albuquerque/Agência Saúde DF

Governor João Doria of São Paulo announced that his state will reduce the interval between doses of the Pfizer Covid vaccine from eight weeks to 21 days. The new rule takes effect on Tuesday.

According to Mr. Doria, the change will speed up the vaccination of roughly 2 million citizens. São Paulo health authorities highlighted that the 21-day interval is specified on the Pfizer vaccine’s label. The reduced interval will not apply to teenagers.

At least 83 percent of people in São Paulo state have received at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine — but the second doses of 4 million people are delayed.

As the vaccine rollout progresses, the government continues to lift most of the restrictions which have been in place since March of last year. This week, in-person classes returned in public and private schools — with few exceptions allowed.