Federal Police director in charge of Bolsonaro Jr. case to be replaced

Federal Police director in charge of Bolsonaro Jr. case to be replaced
Photo: Rovena Rosa/ABr

Federal Police Chief Paulo Maiurino has moved to swap out the head of the force in the Federal District, home to a number of inquiries which affect far-right President Bolsonaro. The current superintendent Hugo Barros Correia was in charge of the investigation into alleged influence-peddling by the president’s youngest son, Jair Renan Bolsonaro

Jair Renan is alleged to have organized meetings between members of the federal government and business owners linked to the president’s son. The inquiry was assigned to the Federal Police in the Federal District upon request from public prosecutors.

Mr. Correia also oversees the so-called fake news probe, investigating the spreading of disinformation by Bolsonaro-supporting websites and social media accounts, as well as several other inquiries affecting the president.

Mr. Bolsonaro himself has already been targeted by a Supreme Court inquiry after allegations that he meddled in Federal Police business to protect his family and allies. The president claims he only intervened in the corporation to assure people close to him would be properly protected by security details.

The Federal Police has yet to announce who will take over Hugo Barros Correia’s role in charge of the force in the Federal District.