Former intern of Supreme Court justice targeted in fake news probe

supreme court justice
Blogger Allan dos Santos during a hearings committee session in the Senate. Photo: Roque de Sá/SF/CC-BY 4.0

On Thursday afternoon, the Federal Police carried out a search and seizure operation at the home of Tatiana Garcia Bressan, a former intern of Supreme Court Justice Ricardo Lewandowski. Ms. Bressan, 45, is accused of leaking confidential information to a prominent far-right blogger, who is currently under the microscope of the Supreme Court’s fake news inquiry.

Ms. Bressan worked for Justice Lewandowski for almost two years between 2017 and 2019. In private messages leaked to the Senate’s Covid inquiry, she complained about her superior to pro-Bolsonaro blogger Allan dos Santos, and offered to be the far-right influencer’s “informant” within the Supreme Court.

The fake news inquiry investigates the existence of an illegal pro-Bolsonaro ring spreading misinformation on social media. Sources from within the court heard by The Brazilian Report say the probe has gathered enough evidence to oust President Bolsonaro and render his 2018 election win invalid, though such a measure would be without precedent in Brazil.