Germany makes CoronaVac U-turn after loosening travel restrictions

Germany CoronaVac brazilians
Passport control at Berlin Airport. Photo: Irina Pommer/Shutterstock

After announcing that it would begin welcoming visitors from Brazil vaccinated with Sinovac’s CoronaVac as of September 19, the German government made a U-turn, tightening up restrictions for tourists who received the Chinese-made immunizer.

The original rule change permitted entry for all fully vaccinated visitors from Brazil without the need for quarantine, but this directive was amended so that people who received CoronaVac would only be allowed into Germany if they had an “urgent reason” for their trip. Individuals vaccinated with any of the other immunizers available in Brazil may enter without restrictions, with PCR test requirements also being lifted for these travelers.

CoronaVac is not yet recognized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), meaning Brazilians vaccinated with the Chinese immunizer have been excluded from looser travel restrictions in several European countries. 

Currently, Brazilian tourists vaccinated with CoronaVac can travel freely to Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, and Spain. In a similar boat to Germany, France has lifted quarantine restrictions for vaccinated Brazilians, but has yet to recognize CoronaVac as an eligible immunizer.