Antony Blinken urges Brazil to “raise climate ambitions”

Blinken raise climate ambitions
Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken meets with Brazilian Foreign Minister Carlos França at the Palace Hotel, in New York City. Photo: Ron Przysucha/ DoS

For the second day in a row, developed countries have urged the Brazilian government to ramp up its environmental policies. On Tuesday, the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke with Foreign Minister Carlos França about “the need to raise our climate ambition around the world.” 

The previous day, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told President Jair Bolsonaro that the country’s climate policies aren’t good enough

“The meeting went on for about 45 minutes, perhaps slightly longer. There was a discussion there, an extended discussion, of climate, the need to raise our climate ambition around the world if we’re to meet the goals as we approach Glasgow,” said a senior official within the Department of State, in reference to the Climate Change Conference (COP26) to be held in the Scottish city in November. 

“The secretary made the point that when countries are as large and emit as much as our two countries do, when we make bold, ambitious goals other countries take notice. And so Brazil’s ability and willingness to raise its climate ambitions would not only be a net positive as we head towards Glasgow but also the world would take notice, and it would galvanize additional action as well,” he added. 

Both chancellors also discussed coordination between Brazil and the U.S. in forthcoming Security Council discussions. Mr. Blinken aims to secure Brazil’s support for the U.S. in the council — the Latin American country will initiate a two-year term as a non-permanent member. “The strategic and economic relationship between our two countries is vital. The cooperation implicates both regional interests but then goes well beyond with the UN Security Council angle and with the size and heft of our economies and the role we play on the international stage,” said one U.S. government official. Mr. Blinken also spoke with Mr. França about Brazil’s efforts “to tackle the [coronavirus] at home and contribute to the global effort to confront the virus around the world” amid public backlash in response to President Bolsonaro’s unvaccinated status and the two Covid-19 infections in Brazil’s delegation to the UN General Assembly.