Senate to assess 5G impacts on Brazil

Senate 5G impacts
Lawmakers during 5G-themed event in the Congress building. Photo: Edilson Rodrigues/SF/CC-BY 4.0

After years of delays, the Brazilian Senate’s Science and Technology Committee passed a request authorizing senators to assess the impacts of 5G connections in Brazil. 

Opposition Senator Jean Paul Prates claims the Federal Accounts Court didn’t have enough time to analyze the government’s 5G auction bidding notice. The document was given the green light in August, and is awaiting permission from telecoms watchdog Anatel to go ahead. Communications Minister Fábio Faria hopes the auction will take place in October.

Brazil began discussing the auction of fifth-generation mobile networks back in 2018, during the Michel Temer administration — but the process has been marred by delays. 

As declared by the U.S. Senate Republican Committee, “the country that leads the world in the adoption of 5G technology will have a distinct technological, economic, and national security advantage over other countries.”