São Paulo to mix Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines

São Paulo to mix Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines
Photo: Marc Bruxelle/Shutterstock

The city of São Paulo will today begin vaccinating those who have seen their second AstraZeneca doses delayed. According to municipal Health Secretary Edson Aparecido, the immunization will be carried out using Pfizer doses the city received from the state government on Saturday.

Those set to receive second AstraZeneca doses between September 1 and 15 will be eligible. However, the doses received are still not enough to fully immunize the group. A survey conducted by municipal officials shows that 340,000 people are already late for their second jab.

The change from AstraZeneca to Pfizer was endorsed by the state government’s scientific committee, based on studies by the World Health Organization and guidelines from the Health Ministry.

Last week, São Paulo Governor João Doria said he will file a lawsuit in the Supreme Court if the state does not receive roughly 1 million AstraZeneca doses from the federal government, which, according to him, are overdue and were earmarked for second doses statewide.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga reiterated that the government will not guarantee the delivery of doses to states which follow their own vaccination schedules instead of adhering to the national plan, as is the case with São Paulo.