Bolsonaro reiterates unwillingness to vaccinate

vaccine Bolsonaro reiterates unwillingness to vaccinate
An unmasked President Bolsonaro meets and greets supporters. Photo: Alan Santos/PR

President Jair Bolsonaro reiterated on Monday that he has not taken a coronavirus vaccine. “I think I caught [Covid] again and didn’t notice it,” he told supporters gathered in front of the presidential palace.

The far-right leader has been one of Brazil’s most vocal vaccine skeptics, raising doubt about their efficacy on several occasions. He has already declared he intends to be “the last Brazilian citizen to take a jab,” but also referred to his 2020 Covid diagnosis as “better than a vaccine.”

He also underlined that he won’t take the Chinese-made CoronaVac, first brought to Brazil by São Paulo Governor João Doria — one of his sworn political adversaries. Mr. Bolsonaro has previously referred to the CoronaVac as “João Doria’s Chinese vaccine.”

On Thursday, the president issued a statement trying to show some moderation, after leading putschist protests in Brasília and São Paulo and pledging to defy Supreme Court rulings. It was reported that this new “moderate” version of the president would include a photo op of him taking a coronavirus shot.

Apparently, that is a bridge he is not willing to cross.