Buenos Aires has first day with no new Covid deaths

Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport. Photo: Gonzalo de Miceu/Shutterstock
Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza Airport. Photo: Gonzalo de Miceu/Shutterstock

Cases and deaths are steadily going down throughout South America, and another landmark was reached yesterday when the city of Buenos Aires had its first full day with no Covid-related deaths since the first few months of the pandemic.

As the region enters the spring and vaccination campaigns show significant improvement, cases are now on a clear downtrend across the subcontinent, with the 7-day rolling average also at its lowest mark since December 2020 in Argentina. “Not only have cases gone down, but only 15 percent of ICUs are also being used today in public hospitals,” Buenos Aires City Health Minister Fernán Quirós said today.

While Argentina has re-opened schools and businesses, nightlife and foreign travel remain severely restricted. In just 10 days, the country will go to the polls for its mid-term primary elections, with Covid as one of the topics on the agenda.