Health Ministry calls up senior citizens to receive Covid-19 booster shot

senior citizens booster shot
Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga announces the government’s plan for booster shots. Photo: Valter Campanato/ABr

Vaccinated Brazilian citizens over 70 will receive booster doses as of September, as announced by Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga today. The forecast is to provide extra immunization protection to 2.3 million senior citizens by the end of the month.

“With this measure, we are pursuing greater protection, principally with regard to the Delta variant,” said Mr. Queiroga. “Science has shown us that [third doses] provide an increase in antibodies and this improves the population’s defense [against the coronavirus].”

Immunosuppressed individuals may also receive booster doses, providing they received their second jabs 28 days prior. 

Mr. Queiroga announced that Pfizer vaccines will be used for booster shots. According to him, there are three main reasons for this: the immunizer has already been tested in conjunction with other vaccines, it has been approved by the majority of the world’s leading health regulators, and the Health Ministry is set to receive large quantities of the immunizer. “They have arrived in Brazil obeying criteria of timeliness which gives us the security to make this decision,” he explained.