São Paulo backpedals on ‘vaccine passport’ for bars and restaurants

vaccine passport
Restaurante in São Paulo. Photo: Roberto Parizotti/FotosPublicas

Shortly after São Paulo Mayor Ricardo Nunes announced that citizens will be required to show vaccine confirmation in order to enter commercial establishments, City Hall backed down and said “vaccine passport” will not be mandatory for bars and restaurants. 

According to a press statement, proof of vaccination will only be required for large events such as trade fairs, conventions, concerts, and football matches. For bars, restaurants, and other non-essential businesses, the measure will be optional. The initial idea was not well received by businesses from the sector, which are only now beginning to recover economically after almost a year and a half facing restrictions.

Congressmen Eduardo Bolsonaro also complained, saying that he filed a measure to the São Paulo Court of Justice to prevent the “passport” from taking effect.