Argentina not keen on vaccine mandates for workers

Argentina not keen on vaccine mandates for workers
Anti-vax demonstration in Buenos Aires. Photo: Mariano Gaspar/Shutterstock

Although Argentina has not shown signs of mass-scale resistance to the Covid-19 vaccination campaign so far, proposals by employer associations for sanctioning unvaccinated workers have put some unions and employees on the defensive.

In response, Labor Minister Claudio Moroni came out yesterday to clarify that they will reject any ruling that sanctions workers directly. “We won’t create any general norm. There’s nothing to discuss here,” Mr. Moroni replied when asked about proposals to withhold salaries from employees.

The vaccination campaign in Argentina is not mandatory, the ministry insisted, so sanctions would be out of order unless the worker refuses to turn up for work.

Still, the Health Ministry, unions, and employer associations are working on mechanisms to incentivize vaccination among those who have yet to be reached, with Health Minister Carla Vizzoti arguing that there “should be some advantages” for those who decide to be inoculated.