Brazilian regulators grant emergency use approval to Covid treatment Regkirona

Covid treatment Regkirona
Photo: Portos do Paraná

Anvisa, Brazil’s federal health regulatory body, has granted emergency authorization for the experimental Covid-19 treatment Regkirona, developed by Celltrion, a South Korean pharmaceutical company. Anvisa restricted the use of this intravenous antibody treatment exclusively to hospitals.

Manufacturers recommend treating patients who don’t need ventilators but face risks of a rapid progression of coronavirus infection. 

Per the Korean Biomedical Review, Celltrion recently confirmed the ability of Regkirona to neutralize the Delta variant in animal tests.

The proportion of the Delta variant of the coronavirus identified in samples of SARS-CoV-2 — and registered on the international Gisaid platform, which gathers genomic data from 172 countries — has tripled in Brazil in the last four weeks.