Eduardo Bolsonaro meets Donald Trump in New York

eduardo bolsonaro donald trump
Eduardo Bolsonaro and Donald Trump. Photo: Instagram/@bolsonarosp

While his father is warring with the other branches of government, Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro took his wife and infant daughter to a meeting with former U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday.

The third-eldest son of President Jair Bolsonaro — and his main foreign affairs advisor — stated that he is on the side of “men of unblemished reputation and moral authority, who can walk with their heads held high in the streets at any time,” and that he and Mr. Trump are in “alignment on ideals.”

“I am on the side of those who do not bow to political correctness, I work in the fight against authoritarian regimes, thus avoiding new wars,” wrote Mr. Bolsonaro, stating that he invited Mr. Trump to visit the country “maybe at CPAC [Conservative Political Action Conference] Brazil.”

The meeting took place on the eve of a much-anticipated House vote set to bury Mr. Bolsonaro’s push for paper ballots as a supplement to electronic voting machines.

It gains even more symbolism as President Bolsonaro prepares a military parade just outside of Congress. Earlier this year, Eduardo Bolsonaro offered chilling remarks about the January 6 Capitol Hill riots — which were instigated by Mr. Trump. 

“If it was [an] organized [movement], they would have taken the Capitol and made demands that had already been established by the group. They would have the firepower to assure nobody [among the rioters] would die, kill all the cops inside — or the congressmen they hate so much. When the right is 10 percent [as organized as] the left, we will have civil wars in every Western country.”