São Paulo accuses Health Ministry of not sending enough Pfizer doses

Health Ministry Pfizer doses
People in line for a vaccine in São Paulo. Photo: Roberto Parizotti/FP

São Paulo Governor João Doria formally complained to the Health Ministry after claiming it only received half the total number of Pfizer vaccines it is entitled to. On Twitter, Mr. Doria said “the Health Ministry has failed to deliver 228,000 jabs [out of a total of 456,000], which could delay vaccination efforts.” 

“This is shameful!” he added.

In a statement, São Paulo’s health department said that “since the beginning of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, [São Paulo] has always received more than 20 percent of the number of vaccines planned for the entire country, regardless of the target population.”

São Paulo is home to 22 percent of the Brazilian population, and the federal government had pledged to distribute doses proportionally. Mr. Doria announced plans to start inoculating teenagers on August 18 — a goal which could be compromised unless more doses arrive.

Earlier today, the state government announced it will allow events to take place in closed venues, provided that health protocols are respected.