Covid hospitalization of senior citizens sees spurt in São Paulo and Rio

covid hospitalization São Paulo Rio
Photo: Isaac Fontana/Shutterstock

Forecasts from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation biological institute indicate that, after months of decline, the number of hospitalizations of senior citizens over 80 years old is on the rise once more in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

According to the research facility, responsible for manufacturing the AstraZeneca vaccine in Brazil, the country must pay attention to “the population with good vaccination coverage but with lower efficacy: senior citizens aged 80 years and over.”

In São Paulo, hospitalizations of over 80s grew 48 percent between the end of June and the end of July, from 666 to 985. In Rio, the situation is even worse, rising by 89 percent. The increase is also beginning to reach the 60 and 70 age group.

“In this age group, there are some aggravating factors. Among them are high transmission among immunized individuals, lesser vaccine effectiveness, a shorter time since second doses, and a potential immunity effect due to age,” stated the foundation.