Bolsonaro government celebrates Agriculturalist Day with armed farmer ad

armed farmer bolsonaro
Photo: Twitter/@secomvc

President Jair Bolsonaro’s communication department published an ad on social media this morning featuring a farmer carrying a shotgun to commemorate Agriculturalist Day. “Today, we celebrate Brazilian farmers, workers who did not stop during the Covid-19 crisis and ensure food makes it to the table of millions of people in Brazil and around the world,” reads the post.

The image was met with severe criticism from Brazilian netizens on Wednesday. “Does the federal government’s press office think farmers feed Brazil with guns?,” asked one internet user. After the backlash, the government account deleted the post.

Loosening gun control regulations has been one of Mr. Bolsonaro’s key policy goals. According to anti-gun advocacy groups, his administration has enacted 33 legislative measures aiming at extending firearm ownership rights or benefitting gun manufacturers.