Eleven Latin American countries above global vaccination average

Latin American vaccination average
Woman in Cusco, Peru. Photo: Lidiya Ribakova/Shutterstock

Covid-19 vaccination in Latin America remains severely unequal, but there are some good examples. By July-end, 11 countries in the continent will report vaccination rates above the world average — which currently stands at 27.1 percent, according to platform Our World in Data.

The two positive outliers are Uruguay and Chile, with 71 and 73 percent of adults vaccinated so far, outstripping developed countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom. 

Argentina (52%), Brazil (46.3%), and México (32.2%) come next.

El Salvador and Costa Rica are the positive examples in Central America, having vaccinated 39 percent of their populations with one dose, Panama has 34.4 percent and Cuba, relying on its domestic-made vaccines, tries to curb its worst pandemic period with a vaccination campaign that has reached 30.4 percent of its population.

Last week, Latin America administered 26 million vaccine doses, a new regional record. As of today, the continent reports over 335 million vaccine shots, meaning 52.24 doses for every 100 inhabitants.