Bogotá permits return of nightclubs and fans at football matches

Bogota nightclubs football fans
Nemecio Camacho El Campin Stadium, in Bogota. Photo: Oelerma/Shutterstock

The municipal government of Colombia’s capital Bogota authorized the reopening of football stadiums, nightclubs, and other cultural venues — provided they operate at half capacity.

Mayor Claudia López says resuming part of normal life in the city is “good for people’s mental health.” In April and June, the country endured its worst moment of the Covid-19 pandemic, followed by massive street protests that led local authorities to abdicate from hosting the 2021 Copa America football tournament. 

While cases and deaths have dropped off, local health officials ask Colombians “not to lower their guards” especially as the first cases of the Delta variant were detected on Saturday. As of today, over 22 percent of the country is fully vaccinated.