Health Minister says Pfizer vaccination interval could be reduced to 21 days

pfizer vaccine
Photo: Marina Vert/Shutterstock

Brazil’s Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga told newspaper Folha de S. Paulo that it is “very likely” the ministry will announce a reduction to the vaccination interval between first and second doses of Pfizer vaccines from three months to 21 days.

The vaccine’s label itself recommends an interval of 21 days, but the Health Ministry decided to extend this period in order to get as many first doses in arms as possible.

According to Mr. Queiroga, even if Pfizer’s delivery schedule remains the same, reducing the second-dose interval will be possible if the logistical capacity of distribution is confirmed. The Health Minister noted that Pfizer “has been very punctual in the delivery of vaccines.”Meanwhile, the AstraZeneca vaccine — the most widely used immunizer in Brazil — will continue to be administered with an interval of three months, as is recommended on the vaccine label.