Congress approves preliminary goals for 2022 budget

2022 budget committee
Members of the Congressional Budgetary Committee. Photo: Gerdan Wesley/PSDB-Sen.

After massive delays to approve this year’s financial plan, Congress seems keen on not leaving preparations for the 2022 federal budget to the last minute. This morning, lawmakers approved a preliminary report on the budgetary targets and priorities for next year — members of Congress have until Wednesday to submit amendments to the proposal.

The so-called Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) also establishes overall fiscal targets for 2022. Lawmakers foresee a deficit of BRL 170.47 billion (USD 32.8 billion) in public accounts, the equivalent of 1.9 percent of the country’s GDP. A minimum amount of BRL 132.67 billion will be spent on public health actions and services.

Juscelino Filho, rapporteur of the LDO, said that he will give priority to budgetary grants that allocate funds to projects already underway.

After amendments are submitted, lawmakers need to approve the LDO by Friday, allowing Congress to go on its mid-year recess on July 18.