Shady medical supplies firm offered Janssen vaccines to Brazilian government

janssen government davati
Photo: Elzbieta Krzysztof/Shutterstock

Documents obtained by news website Poder360 show that Texas-based Davati Medical Supply — currently at the center of a cash-for-jabs scandal involving an alleged sales proposal for AstraZeneca vaccines — also offered Brazil’s Health Ministry 200 million doses of the Janssen immunizer, at USD 10 per shot.

The negotiation was concurrent with talks over a 400-million-dose deal for AstraZeneca vaccines, currently being picked apart by the Senate’s Covid inquiry after allegations that a former Health Ministry official demanded a bribe to push the sale along. 

Former head of logistics Roberto Dias allegedly asked for a USD 1-per-dose bribe to fast-track the purchase, a kickback that would have totaled USD 400 million. Mr. Dias denies the claims.

Janssen, as with AstraZeneca, assures it has “no relation” to Davati Medical Supply, and that “no individuals or companies are authorized to sell its Covid-19 vaccine.”