Prosecutors present misconduct charges against former Health Minister Pazuello

Eduardo Pazuello health. Photo: Carolina Antunes/PR
Former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello. Photo: Carolina Antunes/PR

Eight federal prosecutors have filed misconduct charges against Army General Eduardo Pazuello, who served as Brazil’s Health Minister between May 2020 and March of this year. 

They accuse Mr. Pazuello of causing BRL 122 million (USD 24.4 million) in losses to the federal government. As punishment, they demand he returns the money (along with fines of up to twice that amount), loses his position in the Army, and sees his political rights stripped for five to eight years.

In the eyes of the prosecution, the former cabinet minister failed to expand Brazil’s Covid-19 testing program, to the point of allowing millions of tests to expire while sitting in a warehouse. The prosecutors also say Mr. Pazuello deliberately made it difficult for Brazilians to access essential information about the pandemic, reducing the transparency of health data.

The case is sealed due to containing confidential information.