Vaccines in action: Uruguay reports fewest deaths in 3 months

Vaccine rollout in Uruguay. Photo: AUF
Vaccine rollout in Uruguay. Photo: AUF

With an efficient vaccination program that has managed to fully immunize around 47 percent of the country, Uruguay recorded just 20 coronavirus deaths on June 27, the lowest total for a single day in the last three months. 

While the number of casualties increased the following day, the downward trend remains. The number of new infections is also falling, with daily rates three times less than peaks in April and May. 

After controlling the virus in 2020, Uruguay became a pandemic hotbed, with some weeks of this year seeing more Covid-19 deaths than the entire year of 2020. But the worst of the pandemic appears to be in the rear-view mirror for Uruguay. Its small population and efficient vaccine rollout make it the leading South American candidate to reach herd immunity first.