Bolsonaro opposition to file ‘super-impeachment’ request

impeachment Anti-Bolsonaro protesters in Manaus. Foto: Paulo Neves/Amazônia Real
Anti-Bolsonaro protesters in Manaus. Foto: Paulo Neves/Amazônia Real

Government opponents have so far filed more than 120 separate impeachment requests against far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, dating back to the first weeks of his term. Now, a group made up of left-wing politicians and former Bolsonaro allies — including lawmakers Alexandre Frota and Joice Hasselmann — plans to put forward a “super-impeachment” request, gathering many of the previous complaints which have been left to rot on the desk of Brazil’s House Speaker. 

As the Senate’s Covid inquiry gathers evidence to incriminate the government for its pandemic mismanagement and hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against Mr. Bolsonaro over the weekend, the plan is to incorporate all pending impeachment complaints into a single request and force Congress to take notice. 

However, House Speaker Arthur Lira is unlikely to take heed. While he has become increasingly critical of the government, Mr. Lira is dismissive of any calls for impeachment. Furthermore, he has been derisive of the Senate’s coronavirus hearings committee, saying that Brazil “cannot investigate war crimes while the war is still happening.”