Argentina breaks daily record of Covid-19 deaths

Argentina daily record deaths
Hospital in Buenos Aires. Photo: Instrumenta/Shutterstock

The Health Ministry in Argentina reported on June 22 the all-time deadliest Covid-19 day since the pandemic started, with 792 deaths in 24 hours. Breaking the sad record several times during the last months, the country also surpassed the milestone of 90,000 deaths. 

Undeniably, Argentina has been experiencing its worst pandemic period, with ICU beds’ occupation rate stuck above 70 percent nationwide during the month. The sanitary collapse even forced the government to suspend its participation as one of Copa America’s hosts. 

The only sluggish numbers are regarding the vaccination campaign. As of today, only 8.3 percent out of the country’s 45 million people have been fully vaccinated. Only Paraguay (3.4 percent) has a lower rate in the Southern Cone.