Uruguay approaching 70 percent with at least one vaccine shot

vaccine uruguay
Vaccine container in Uruguay. Photo: DFLC Prints/Shutterstock

Seven out of every 10 adults in Uruguay have received at least one coronavirus vaccine or are seeking to do so, according to a study conducted by newspaper El Observador, using data from the government’s vaccine tracker. The study suggests that the country could be the first to reach blanket immunity in Latin America. 

With the region’s second-highest immunization rate (41 percent, against Chile’s 50.2 percent) Uruguay is more likely to surpass the mark due to its smaller population 

With improvements to the national campaign, even non-Uruguayans will be able to receive vaccines: this Tuesday, the Health Ministry in Montevidéo confirmed that vaccines will be administered to migrants and refugee applicants. 

As of today, Uruguay reports over 356,000 confirmed cases and 5,316 Covid-19 deaths (more than 70 percent coming in 2021).