Maranhão holds cash prize draw for people taking second vaccine doses

Maranhão cash prize vaccine doses
Maranhão Governor Flávio Dino. Photo: Jaélcio Santana

Flávio Dino, governor of the state of Maranhão, announced that his administration will raffle off cash prizes of between BRL 1,000 and BRL 10,000 (USD 2,000) for citizens taking their second doses of coronavirus vaccines in the coming days. The plan is to avoid incomplete vaccination — according to recent data, over 4.4 million Brazilians did not take a second jab within the Health Ministry’s recommended timeframe. 

Mr. Dino has already attempted to boost immunization by organizing entertainment at mass vaccination drives and distributing traditional snacks.

The Maranhão city of Alcântara is poised to become the first Brazilian municipality to achieve 100-percent coverage for first vaccine shots, with the exception of the São Paulo city of Serrana, which was the stage of a mass vaccination trial earlier this year. Maranhão state capital São Luís is also well advanced in its vaccination campaign, administering doses to citizens under 30 years of age and encouraging vaccine tourism.