Amid suspicions of underreporting, Mexico has lowest Covid-19 deaths in 14 months

underreporting Mexico deaths
Photo: Omar Franco Perez/Shutterstock

Official reports from the Mexican government on Monday stated that 37 coronavirus deaths were recorded in the country over a 24-hour period, the lowest number for a single day since April 2020. 

Despite the good news, suspicions of underreporting cast a dark cloud over Mexico’s official figures, especially after health authorities revised the country’s death toll up by 60 percent in late March. However, the country continues using the original figures, raising more questions still.  

With the 37 casualties recorded on June 14, Mexico reached 2.4 million cases and over 230,000 deaths. With more than 37 million vaccines administered, the  country has immunized almost 12 percent of its inhabitants so far.