Covid emergency aid to be extended for two months

emergency aid Man selling goods at street light. Photo: Luis War/Shutterstock
Man selling goods at street light. Photo: Luis War/Shutterstock

Brazil’s federal government will extend the Covid-19 emergency aid scheme for another two months. According to news portal G1, the benefits will follow the current mold, with monthly payments of between BRL 150 and BRL 375.

The government is also expected to announce a new social project that would reformulate the famous Bolsa Família welfare transfer program and encompass those who are in line to receive the benefit. The new program is set to take effect in October.

While the government is cash-strapped, the new Bolsa Família program would be joined by another two initiatives focused on NEETs — young people “not in education, employment, or training” — and beneficiaries of the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC, which pays a minimum wage to senior citizens and people with disabilities who cannot financially support themselves).

The original proposal was to extend the coronavirus emergency aid program for another three months. However, the government is set to place its focus on post-pandemic social projects to be featured front-and-center in the 2022 election campaign.