Four-story building collapses in Rio de Janeiro

building collapses
Collapsed building in Rio. Photo: Still from TV Globo

A four-story building in the neighborhood of Rio das Pedras, in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro, collapsed on Thursday morning. The tragedy killed at least one infant and one adult and damaging nearby residences.

Residents of neighboring buildings began to hear cracking noises at around 2 am. The property collapsed shortly after 3 am.

Rio das Pedras is controlled by paramilitary police mafias, which monopolize services such as illegal cable TV, internet, furniture, transportation, water, and gas. Researchers say they have, in recent years, also entered the illegal real estate market.

They often erect buildings in risky, unauthorized areas and extort residents for rent. In 2018, two buildings linked to police mafias collapsed in Rio das Pedras, killing 24 people.