Argentina donates vaccine supplies to Cuba

Argentina donates vaccine supplies to Cuba
Photo: Wirestock Creators/Shutterstock

Argentinian civil organizations donated 380,000 syringes and 359,000 needles to Cuba, as part of efforts from the island nation to receive health supplies and battle shortages. In exchange, Cuba promised to send vaccines to Argentina by August. 

NGOs from the U.S, Chile, Spain, and Italy have pledged to send 20 million syringes to Cuba. According to Havana’s Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodríguez, “solidarity is prevailing over the current sanctions” imposed by the U.S. government. 

Though Cuba largely managed to control Covid-19 in 2020, maintaining stable levels of cases and deaths despite aggressive measures ordered by the then-administration of Donald Trump, Cuban health authorities saw a peak in infections in 2021, making vaccination urgent.  

Now, the country is gambling on its own Abdala and Soberna 02 vaccines to curb the spread of the virus, part of a plan to produce 100 million doses in 2021. As of June, more than 1.7 million shots have been administered.