Haiti finally imposes restrictions to curb Covid-19 infections

Hillside in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Photo: Glenda/Shutterstock
Hillside in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Photo: Glenda/Shutterstock

It took more than a year for Haiti to impose its first coronavirus restrictions. During the week, the government in Port-au-Prince decided to enforce a night-time curfew and eight-day quarantine, while declaring mask use mandatory in public spaces. 

Despite recognizing the health emergency in Haiti, authorities continue to hide reliable data regarding the pandemic. As of today, the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation has reported less than 300 Covid-19 deaths, something experts credit simply to a lack of trustworthy figures.

Haiti is the only country in the Americas yet to have administered a single Covid-19 vaccine. On May 19, the government finally agreed to receive a shipment of AstraZeneca doses provided by the UN-backed COVAX facility.