One in five Brazilian cities faced vaccine blackouts last week

Vaccine rollouts in Curitiba
Vaccine rollouts in Curitiba. Photo: Guilherme Flores/Shutterstock

Between May 17 and 20, 1,002 Brazilian cities of a total of 5,570 claimed to have suffered from a lack of Covid-19 vaccine shots, according to a survey made by the national confederation of municipalities published on May 21. 

Among the affected cities, 79.3 percent of them (795) reported they didn’t have enough second doses of the immunizer for their population. From this number, 767 pointed out that the lacking immunizer was the CoronaVac. Another 39.9 percent (400) of the municipalities stated that the problem was in the first dose.  

Vaccination rates reflect that scenario. After the state of São Paulo halted production of the Chinese vaccine, the federally-run Oswaldo Cruz Foundation did the same with the AstraZeneca immunizer. This could change next Thursday when a new batch of inputs should be ready for use.