Analysts say Covid hearings could lead to Bolsonaro indictment

hearings indictment
President Jair Bolsonaro in rally with supporters in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Alan Santos/PR

President Jair Bolsonaro could suffer more than just political damage caused by the Senate’s Covid inquiry. Political analysts say there is an increasing likelihood that the president may be indicted by the end of the hearings committee’s work. 

A survey among committee members made by news website InfoMoney shows that 77 percent believe the inquiry is likely to recommend the Federal Prosecution Office indict Mr. Bolsonaro.

However, 86 percent of political analysts heard by the study say it is unlikely that Mr. Bolsonaro will have his term cut short due to the inquiry.

The hearings committee has gathered a wealth of circumstantial evidence on the Bolsonaro government’s negligent pandemic response, including a concerted effort to ignore international recommendations for social isolation and mask use.

On Sunday, Mr. Bolsonaro and former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello took part in a public demonstration in Rio de Janeiro with up to 15,000 people. Very few wore masks.