Social isolation reaches lowest rate since beginning of pandemic

isolation rates brazil
Photo: Jair Ferreira Belafacce/Shutterstock

April was the deadliest month of the pandemic in Brazil, but citizens are still unwilling to return to social isolation. Only three out of ten Brazilians are still adhering to strict isolation, just leaving their homes when strictly necessary. 

This is the lowest isolation rate since pandemic restrictions were first implemented last year. 

On Monday, President Jair Bolsonaro called people sheltering at home to protect themselves from the coronavirus “idiots.”

According to a Datafolha poll, this represents a 19-point drop in social isolation since March, when rates sat at 49 percent — still far below the record 72 percent seen in April 2020. The survey shows that only 2 percent of respondents do not leave the house for any reason, a 6-point decrease from March 2021. Meanwhile, 7 percent of Brazilians say they do not respect any restriction measure whatsoever.