Argentina could postpone legislative elections due to Covid-19

Argentina could postpone legislative elections due to Covid-19
Argentinian Congress building. Photo: Nick Photoworld/Shutterstock

Argentina’s Congress is debating a proposal which would push the country’s legislative elections back until November 14, instead of September and October, as is customary. 

Submitted by parties from the government and opposition, the bill argues in favor of postponing the vote until the beginning of summer, which “would allow for the optimization of ventilation and other health protocols.” 

Lawmakers add that pushing the election back will give more time for Argentina’s vaccination campaign to progress. As of today, only 3.6 percent of the country’s population is fully vaccinated — below the regional average

There is also fear about the capacity of Argentina’s health system to withstand another peak in coronavirus cases. The nationwide ICU occupancy rate currently sits at 70 percent, and the country is recording all-time highs in daily Covid-19 deaths. 

Neighbors Chile chose to postpone its constituent assembly elections in April, and the vote will now take place this weekend. Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru, meanwhile, went ahead with their electoral processes as normal.