Supreme Court: officials could be penalized for vaccine delays

vaccines supreme court
Supreme Court sitting. Photo: Rosinei Coutinho/SCO/STF

In an injunction, Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Ricardo Lewandowski ruled that health officials may be punished for misconduct if states and municipalities delay administering second coronavirus vaccine doses.

In his decision, Justice Lewandowski wrote that administrations may alter their vaccine priority lists, providing they follow scientific criteria and do not jeopardize stocks of jabs set aside for second doses. As of yesterday, at least seven state capitals had paused their vaccination campaigns.

This lack of supplies resulted from a Health Ministry orientation for states and cities to use all their entire stocks on first doses — in a push to increase vaccination coverage. But as deliveries from foreign laboratories were delayed, health units ran out of jabs to administer. After taking office late in March, current Health Minister reversed that recommendation.