Government allies try to bar Covid hearings rapporteur once more

rapporteur covid hearings
Senator Renan Calheiros. Photo: Edilson Rodrigues/SF/ACS/CC BY 4.0

Pro-government lawmakers filed a lawsuit to the Supreme Court to remove Renan Calheiros as rapporteur of the Senate’s Covid hearings committee. Yesterday, the government tried to disrupt the committee’s works but failed to prevent Mr. Calheiros’ appointment. President Bolsonaro’s supporters claim the rapporteur will not act fairly in relation to the federal government.

The president’s political aides criticized the decision to take matters to court, as it could disrupt negotiations with congressional leaders and increase the committee’s anti-Bolsonaro sentiment. 

Indeed, the request is unlikely to prevail, as the Supreme Court tends to consider such issues as purely congressional matters. Moreover, a similar strategy was pulled in a trial court on Monday — but an injunction barring Mr. Calheiros was overturned by a higher court in a matter of hours.