El Salvador police use dogs to sniff out Covid-19 in airports

El Salvador police uses dogs to sniff out Covid-19 in airports
El Salvador International Airport Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdamez. Photo: Loren Zecena/Shutterstock

Every little helps during a deadly pandemic. In that vein, the El Salvador national police force has trained sniffer dogs to detect the presence of the coronavirus at airports. 

Brought forward by Spanish researcher Jaime Parejo García, the project is reportedly “100-percent effective,” with highly-trained canines allegedly able to sniff out the coronavirus even in asymptomatic patients. The dog unit is deployed at Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport, close to capital San Salvador. Ecuador and Chile have also adopted similar systems.

El Salvador expedites vaccine rollouts  

After an extra immunization push between March and April, El Salvador has now been able to issue first vaccine shots to almost 10 percent of the population. The Central American nation has the sixth-lowest death rate per capita in the region continent, with a total of 2,082 deaths and over 67,000 cases.